Welcome to the Lowdown on Linux! Our purpose here is to give you some frank, clear, unbiased facts that will hopefully guide you in making an informed decision that is best for you. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get information like this:

  • Linux Advocates can overstate their case, oftentimes forgetting the process they went through to arrive at their current "software nirvana".
  • Proprietary Software Companies have an incredible amount at stake in peoples' choice about an operating system or the software than runs on it. They devote enormous resources to propagating misinformation (commonly referred to as "FUD": Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) to seek to influence people away from FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).
  • The Media also has a vested interest in all this. Their jobs depend upon attracting viewers or readership. Unfortunately, objective facts are not always their highest value.

Who Am I?

I have a Masters Degree in Computer Science and work as a consultant. Although I do programming and help friends with their computing needs, I don't stand to make any financial gain from your choice of operating system. I used Windows for years, then changed to OS/2 and used it for a couple of years before switching to Linux in 1999. I am currently a very happy Linux user. I have assisted other friends to make Linux their primary operating system. However, I have seen enough of these friends eventually move back to Windows from Linux that I now understand Linux is not for everyone. My purpose in putting this website together is to try to convey what Linux is, how it is different from Windows, why people might want to use Linux and why people might NOT want to use Linux. Hopefully, as you read through information on the site, you will be able to decide for yourself, whether switching to Linux might be a good choice for you.

Please Help me

Its easy to deceive oneself. I have tried to be unbiased and fair in my presentation here. However, I may have missed the mark. Thus, at the bottom of every page you will find the block below. Feel free to use the "please let me know" link therein to alert me to anything that strikes you as unfair, incorrect or biased.

If you believe I am being unfair or biased in my presentation of these facts, please let me know. If I am, I will happily make changes to the site.

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